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Bhutan is a landlocked kingdom, located North of India and South of China. Bhutan is also considered the last Shangrila. Bhutan has till now protected itself from commercialisation and ills of capitalism and therefore has been a source of mystic and charm for guests all over the world.

Bhutan is certainly very pure when it comes to flora, fauna, rivers and forests. There is very little in terms of pollution and poverty. Bhutan may be considered a little backward when compared with western world in terms of communication systems. TV and Internet came through in 1999. 

Though tourism in Bhutan is still restricted, Bhutan today is visited for a variety of purposes. Some visit just to get a feel of the old world charm and traditions. Others visit for a bit of adventure and fishing. With advent of Luxury Hotels in Paro and Thimpu, its also an excellent flight getaway even though the flight connectivity is relatively poor with only Druk Air flying into Bhutan with limited flights.

Please go through the Sample Plans for Bhutan that cover different options and combinations that are most popular. We are also able to offer fully customised plans for the whole of Bhutan.

Please also refer to the Map to get acquainted with the geography and the routes. 

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