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Hong Kong / Macau

Hong Kong (1,092 sq. km) along with Singapore are hubs of the financial services industry. Hong Kong has a curious history. It was under the British for a century and in mid 1990s got handed over to China. Hong Kong was till then an even thereafter a natural gateway into China for businesses and grown in importance strength to strength with growth of Chinese Economy.

In terms of tourist importance, Hong Kong has tremendous local importance being a city full of life, sky scrapers and getaway experiences including a mini-Disneyland theme park. Hong Kong is also a popular base for cruise liners such as Star Cruises to start short break itineraries.

Macau (28.2 sq km), just a short drive away from Hong Kong is now the Las Vegas of Asia with its positioning itself as a Casino, leisure and Entertainment destination..

Please go through the getaway options for Hong Kong / Macau. We are also able to offer fully customised plans for Hong Kong in Combination with Macau and other countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.

Please also refer to the Map to get acquainted with the geography and the routes.