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Kenya and Tanzania are two major tourist destinations in East Africa known for its wildlife, Beaches and birding etc.

Kenya is regarded by many as the ‘jewel of East Africa', and has some of the continent's finest beaches, most magnificent wildlife and scenery, and an incredibly sophisticated tourism infrastructure. It is a startlingly beautiful land, from the coral reefs and white sand beaches of the coast to the summit of Mount Kenya, crowned with clouds and bejeweled by strange giant alpine plants. [ more ]

Between these two extremes is the acacia-studded rolling savannah, which is home to game parks such as Amboseli, the Masai Mara, Samburu and Tsavo; the lush, agricultural highlands with their sleek green coat of coffee and tea plantations; and the most spectacular stretch of the Great Rift Valley, the giant scar across the face of Africa.

Kenya and Tanzania home to the Migration where two million Wildebeests and Zebras cross over from Serengeti National Park on to Masai Mara and Vice-Versa. 

Above all, Kenya is a place for safaris, and one-tenth of all land in Kenya is designated as national parks and reserves. Just about every African plains animal is present. Over 50 parks and reserves cover all habitats from desert to mountain forest, and there are even six marine parks in the Indian Ocean.

Please go through the Sample Plans for Kenya that cover different options and combinations that are most popular. We are also able to offer fully customised plans for the whole of Kenya.

Please also refer to the Map to get acquainted with the geography and the routes. 

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