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Mayuram Eco Lodge is situated on a 350 acre farm right at the foot of the Western Ghats, which form a magnificent backdrop to the property. The land adjoins the Kalakkad - Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve; our conservation and restoration programmes have greatly improved the quality of the habitat, attracting a great variety of fauna, especially from the reserve adjacent. The Eco-Lodge is a building with strongly local architectural character; a bit rustic, but airy and spacious.

The jheels (ponds) surrounding the estate, the savannah parkland of the farm and the forests around it has ensured a breathtaking variety of avifauna. Indeed this place makes a perfect getaway for birding or a trekking holiday

The best time to visit us is between October and March when the rains have cooled the plains, the nights pleasant and the days comfortable once again. So come for that exclusive retreat to Countryside Unlimited at Mayuram


The architecture of the foothills adjoining Shenkottah is a curious mixture of the vernacular styles of both Kerala and Tamil Nadu, strongly overlaid with the influences of British colonial architecture. The buildings have the steeply pitched tile-roofs of Kerala, carried on the thick white-washed masonry walls of Tamil Nadu, the whole embellished with mouldings, cornices and column capitals of colonial origin. The lodge at Govindapperi reflects the prevailing regional architectural style in its form and detail. The buildings of the region are essentially inward looking in nature, clustered close together as they usually are. Our farm-house, however, opens out into its setting, creating a harmonious continuation of the outdoors into the indoors.  Open transition spaces and courtyards create a seamless fusion of shelter and nature, creating a perfect unity with the tranquil setting.

Activities :

  • Village walks
    Walks into the savanah
    Short treks into the hills
    Visit temples at nearby cities
  • Visit the bankura pottery working areas.


Type - Per Room Per Night


Non AC Regular Room Single/Double Room Double Occupancy on AP Plan

INR 3600

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Mayuram Farm  Govindapperi, Mayuram, 

Tamil Nadu, Kerala - INDIA.

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